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Development of chip, easy to produce by "home/small labs", "emergency only" ventilator machine to help hospitals fight with COVID-19 in emergency situations with a lack of ventilators.


Emergency ventilator machine has next requirements:

🧬 Control of patient natural breathe, to NOT TO work opposite.

🧬 Control of breathe volume, speed, minimum and maximum delays.

This two - are very important requirements and it should be implemented to pass "minimal test"

🧬 Device can be more or less easy to controll and operate, but mainly designed for use under medical control only in emergency situations, so "easy, nice and usefull" user interface should be usefull for doctors, not engineers.

🧬 Device should provide BiPAP and CPAP.


Technically, to machine can be separated for next parts:

🧩 Push pull mechanism, to manipulate standard medical air ambu-bag

🧩 Patient's mask with control

🧩 Airflow controlled system

🧩 Adequate user interface

🧩 Electronical part to controll machine

Develompent images

Fusion360 models

https://a360.co/2Rldw2Q - frame design

https://a360.co/2RlX6qV - motor holder

https://a360.co/39SixpS - nut holder


  • OxyGEN2 "push push" for ambu-airbug
  • v3 of "PVC push-pull"
  • basic electronicall support for v3


  • cheap/accessible "push pull" for ambu-airbug

Materials and components, required for development now:

  • 5amps+ motors and driver boards (arduino compatible)
  • full-face diving mask for rebuilding to "ventilator-mask"
  • air pressure sensors (arduino compatible)
  • different air control sensors like O2/CO2/others (arduino compatible)
  • desktop-like power block


  • rebuilding diving mask
  • developing of "controlled air valves"