Takatan Software and Robotics
Chat bots and websites
We develop chat bots, websites, and complex systems for realtime online service
Blockchains integration
We have experience for integrating working platforms with different blockchains - bitcoin, etherium, dash and others
Smart houses and robotics
We work with microcontrollers and can build complex solutions with web and mobile apps integration

Takatan Products

VPN Face lite

VPN Face Lite is utility to manage OpenVPN keys


TakatanJS is content management system for building complex realtime projects with websites and chat bots


Takatan.IO is a smart brain for IoT infrastructure.

It uses @bluepjs scripting engine to develop IoT project behaviour.

TWS Board

Takatan Wifi Servos board is a device, to control up to eight servo motors with wifi.

bluepjs scripting engine

@bluepjs is a Java Script visual scripting engine library, inspired by Unreal Engine Blueprints system.

All Takatan products are not supported for Russians companies and clients due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine from 24 feb 2022 till further notice.

Takatan Services

Ready to develop:

  • simple or complex websites
  • chat bots
  • desktop/mobile applications
  • blockchains integration
  • servers infrastructure
  • robotics/IoT with microcontrollers and PCB prototyping
  • 3D printed parts and designs

Consultations for "early-mid stage companies" in the field of:

  • IT technologies and information security
  • analysis of problems and research for technical solutions
  • development of technical specifications and documentation
  • assessment and development of the technical part of business plans

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