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Aqua IRS

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Develop individual respiratory system, based on full face snorkeling mask for personal and medical ussage.


Individual Respiratory System should provide SarS-COV2 protection at first. AquaIRS version based on standard full face snorkeling masks, popular in many places all over the world.

This masks provides full face protection from outer air, aerosols and physical touches. They have build-in air gates, that can be easily turned to any way or just blocked. Also masks have separated airways from bottom and top parts, and this can be used for in-out separation.

Usefull information

can be in different languages

What Are The Best Materials for Making DIY Masks? - comparison of different materials, can be found at home (russan translation)

How does HEPA filters works [RU] - deep explanation of HEPA filters

SARS-COV protection FAQ [RU] - deep comparison of different masks and filters

SARS-COV protection FAQ 2 [RU] - useful technical information about disinfection

Air filtering FAQ [RU] - a lot of information in one place

Develompent images

Fusion360 models - v1, with separated in/out pipes. Designed to be used with water pipes 20mm outer dia. - connector base. Use it to test fits on your mask. - currently testing model, designed to use HEPA PM2.5 as main filter-membrane (under green-colored net) and "any towel-tissue" as prefilter membrane (under yellow cover). Red part is a gate, uses one gate from mask, required to prevent breath-out air going to filter.


  • technical research almost done
  • basic components for development and tests found and ordered
  • connector base for mask developed and tested
  • mask tested


  • waiting for components delivery
  • developing new design, optimized for fast printing

Materials and components, required for development now:

  • new diving masks of 2-3 different types for connector testing


  • designing nice models for HEPA and active carbon filters
  • text/video documentation